This is for you.
No matter how long I will still wait for you

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Collaboration Part
Vectored by ME

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So Inlove
Commission Vector.
Credits to the flower/bird that’s being used.

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Commission on the moves..
Gomilla Family

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The Power of EPICS Team.
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I’m just proud to be one of them.
Aim high
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1. We are very creative with our swear words. You can’t even tell we’re swearing.

2. We almost never complain about work to you, because you won’t understand anyway 

3. We are really good to choose your dress colors. Come on, the pantone chart is our bible. 

4. We’re not picky about food, just fonts. 

5. We hardly eat, we only need coffee.

6. We are always open to new quirky ideas – and we don’t judge.

7. We may be very bad at making conversations, but we sure make great listeners (client talk habit)

8. We love organizing our desktops more than our desks, so you won’t ever find us nagging at you to clean your home/desk/room.

9. We make photo collages with your pictures.

10. We can make you look like a model in a minute! – with Photoshop

11. You’ll never get a badly taken photo of you tagged by us on Facebook, because we’ll fix it first.

12. Decorating a house is easy to us, it’s all about the layout.

13. We don’t laugh at ridiculously dressed people, just ridiculously bad designs.

14. We design our own valentines/birthday cards for you

15. Although we analyze things in layers, we almost always just get straight to the point, because that’s how a good design works.


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Looking through her eyes.
a collaboration with borz, skillet and joy.

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